We Are

A ready made garments shareholding company launched in 1998 by its 78% shareholder Mr.Hisham Al Dika.

The 197 employees in Sxy’s are divided to four levels: the Creative Department, Top Management, Middle Management and the Teams.

  • Creative Department has two wings: the Fashion and the Marketing Departments.
  • Top Management consist of: HR, Accounting, Quality Control and Development Departments.
  • Teams include:  Area Managers,  Branch Managers, V.Ms, Sales People, Store Keepers and Store Managers.

A chain of 20 branches distributed in major shopping areas and malls in Egypt, Created for Sxy’s recognizable image by its segment.

The Company imports and produces 280,000 pieces yearly, targeting the B and B+ segments of young women between early twenties and late thirties. Our products and fully in-house designed and manufactures under our supervision.

Our product is produced 60% in China, Turkey and Lebanon, the other 40% is locally manufactured.


Our Products follow the trends with simple basic look, but with most fashionable colors and cuts.

The French chart is the fitting that we mainly depend on in sizing technique. Size range from 38 to 42.

Our jeans and denim sizes start from 27 to 26 with 70 inch front vice cut, which makes our cut unique in fitting.

From first beginning we maintained our golden equation (V, Q, P) a wide product variety and good quality in affordable prices which a leads us to provide our clients with a very high product money value.


The mission of the company is to provide fashion for customers, based on style and quality while keeping the exclusivity associated with the brand. It’s also seeks to increase the number of potential customers, providing adequate customer care and future demands, tp stretch the fashion lines by adding different kind of wear (Sport chic and Home wear) while also sustaining the same concept and keeping the golden equation upfront ( Variety-Quality-Price). Company also commits to exist in each and every upcoming Mall, shopping center, or shopping area always in the prime locations of the future built projects. To be multinational; the company has started to sell some of the season’s collection to some countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. The company is yet trying to understand this markets that would later allow it to open new branches.