Sxy’s e-Club

It is a virtual concept prepared, handled and launched by members of the marketing department.
This club functions as the communication of all things updated, fresh and new. Like fashion tips and ideas correspondence that could gather opinions and interaction between Sxy’s team, costumers and the new comers!
As a valued costumer, you could join this club by subscribing to the newsletter, being an active liker or commenter on Sxy’s official Facebook page or simply corresponding with the website’s blog.
Prizes include “comment of the month, “fan of the season”, and ‘the freshest thought of the season” to participating members of the club.
It takes a few minutes from yours hours off/ a day and productive working days from us. For us, it’s for the passion for fashion that would spice up a little fashion spirit to your life.
This club generates ideas and gathers opinions about the season’s trends – colors and practicality of fabrics and prints.
However way that would demonstrate- the positive to brand, to delicately serve the product at hand as well as expectations in mind.
Participate and take part in this fashion fiesta, giving statements to certain ideas or creating a bang to the brand- under Sxy’s umbrella.
Excitement is IN this season. Enjoy it